A Guide to Engage


When using the app, be aware of your surroundings while walking outside!


Select Your Adventure

Open the Engage app on your mobile phone. Browse through the homepage, or view nearby adventures by selecting the Explore map at the bottom of the screen. It's time to see what adventures are waiting for you! When you're ready to go, press the Start button to continue.


Starting Point

Each adventure begins at a specific location, called the Starting Point. Once you have selected your adventure, a pathway will appear onscreen. Follow this route to get to the Starting Point. When you have arrived, you will be notified to start your adventure.


Start Walking Around

Follow the interactive map as you move around in real-time. As you explore the city, hidden Augmented Reality (AR) Attractions will appear on the map – watch for the blue portals! Once you see an Attraction, move closer to confirm you want to Switch to AR.


Discover Attractions

Congratulations! You discovered an AR Attraction. Look around through the camera of your phone to unlock the digital experience. This can be anything from beautiful local art, to historical artifacts and fun mini games. Hint: press the lightbulb for a clue!


Capture and Share

Take photos and videos to capture the magic of Augmented Reality. Share the moment online or save it directly to your camera roll! When you're ready to move on, press the Return button to go back to the interactive map and discover your next Attraction.