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How It Works

1. Choose a nearby adventure to download
2. Head over to the area
3. Experience augmented reality and audio tours about the place you're in!

See your city come to life!


The neighborhood never looked so good! Experience vibrant colors and shapes layered on top of your everyday world.

That might be a mural that comes to life when you look at it through your phone or a historical figure standing in front of you telling you about their life and work. When you see augmented reality, you'll feel like you're in a different world.

In this GIF you can see some of the exciting games and experiences we built for Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario. Connect with your neighborhood. You might just find something out that you didn't know before!

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Listen to Local Stories


Whether your into arts, history, or culture, there's a story for everyone. Listen to our professionally produced audio tours as you go on an adventure in your neighborhood. Some of our past audio tours include content highlighting the black history of Toronto, explanations of murals in downtown Ottawa, and the rich cultural history of Harlem, New York.